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Pink Bra

  • Pink Bra
  • Pink Bra
  • Pink Bra

Age: 6 years old
Size: 32B
Condition: 8/10

I've had this cute pink Victoria's Secret "PINK" push-up bra for 6 years now. This bra was originally more prominent & clean in its pink color. It is now dingy pink all over & has a cute & convenient clasp to bring it together in the front... which makes it that much easier & faster to get it off & back on again. ;) The back has a single strap going down the spine. It is still in great condition, with the exception of it being dingy from sweating in it, & extremely minor loose elasticity that just show as tiny spots on the back. This is one of 2 bras that were my go-to for 6 years. I've actively worn this bra in my sexy time, around the house, on outings, on cam shows, as well as... IN one of my HotGuysFuck PORN scenes! This bra & I have had a lot of fun finding out how easy it is to come off. ;)


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