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Sexy Santa Lingerie Full Set

  • Sexy Santa Lingerie Full Set
  • Sexy Santa Lingerie Full Set
  • Sexy Santa Lingerie Full Set

Age: 3 years old
Size: M
Condition: 9/10

I've had this mesh & lace sexy Santa lingerie set for 3 years. Overall, it is in great condition! The red g-string has a quality that is very stretchy, with the exception of even when I originally got it in this set; its threading is frilly. The g-string has a cute flower-like pattern on them. The body piece is still in perfect condition! It is red, black, & white. The red part of the body is matching to the g-string, including the pattern. The body portion has soft, fluffy feathering at the base & v-neck. It ties at the back of the neck & has a cute tie to come together in the front. The hat is in great condition, with the exception of my cats getting ahold of the ball a few times. I managed to gorilla glue it back onto the hat. It is red, white, & black. It inverts each side as naughty or nice. I choose naughty. ;) The cotton ball on the end is white, the band is also white, the text is in black, & the remaining is red. I've worn this sexy Santa lingerie set in my sexy time, around the house on the holiday season, & on cam-shows!

I've worn this on outings, around the house, & on cam shows!


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