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Multi Blue Full Set

  • Multi Blue Full Set
  • Multi Blue Full Set
  • Multi Blue Full Set

Bra Age: 4 years old
Bra Size: 32B

Panties Age: 4 years old
Panties Size: M

Bra Condition: 10/10
Panties Condition: 10/10

I've had this blue Victoria's Secret push-up bra for 4 years now. I've had these black, white, & light blue Victoria's Secret "PINK" panties for 4 years as well. Both the bra & pantie's condition are still perfect! The bra has 2 straps together & really dope strapping on the backside, as well as a very convenient & simple clip in the front to bring the bra together. The panties are super comfortable; stretchy, but keeping the fit perfect to my contour! The band on the panties is striped- light blue, white, black, medium blue with a small "PINK" logo mid-side. The remaining is dark blue. I've actively worn this set in my sexy time, on outings, around the house, on cam-shows, as well as... IN one of my HotGuysFuck PORN scenes & the bra itself in TWO of my HotGuysFuck PORN scenes! This set & I have quite a naughty history. ;)


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