Leopard Booty Shorts

  • Leopard Booty Shorts
  • Leopard Booty Shorts
  • Leopard Booty Shorts

Age: 10 year old
Size: S
Condition: 6/10

I've had these brown, tan, & fox red cheetah print booty shorts for 10 years now. Their condition is still well intact, with the exception of the color being partially faded out. These first were my best friends & she gave them to me. She had them for 5 years, & I have possessed them for the last 5 years. They are very curvaceous on my booty. I love how ratchet & slutty I can twerk in them. ;) They are a faded orange/peach-like color all around, with brown & fox red leopard spots. They have dark brown lining. I have actively worn these in my sexy time, around the house, to bed, walking around my neighborhood, working out at the gym, hiking in the desert, & have spent a lot of time being especially naughty grinding my clit on every corner in them! Also? I have never worn these with panties!


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