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Gray Sports Bra 2

  • Gray Sports Bra 2
  • Gray Sports Bra 2

Age: 17 years year old
Size: S/M
Condition: 6/10

I've had this gray sports bra for 17 years! This was one of my very first sports bras. I wore it during soccer practice & soccer games, playing basketball, & even as an adult- jogging around my neighborhood, working out at the gym, hiking in the desert, around the house, & cleaning! Its condition is all still well-intact with an incredibly minor tear (on the right side, mid-back). The rest of its condition is that the pits have some serious pit sweat stains. This sports bra is gray all over. This bra & I have some serious history! I have a total of 2 of this same bra. The other one is also posted on the shop.


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