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Cheetah Booty Shorts

  • Cheetah Booty Shorts
  • Cheetah Booty Shorts

Age: 5 year old
Size: M
Condition: 4/10

I've had these brown, tan, & white cheetah print shorts for 5 years now. Their condition? You can basically use them as a cleaning rag. Now, although they have lost the prominence in their color & have crazy tears in them, they still fit my booty so snug & cozy. I loved them so much that I really wore them into the ground. I've actively worn these in my sexy time (when they were in better shape), to bed, around the house, walking around the neighborhood, also, I rubbed my pussy over them countless* times. I've gone IN on my clit in them in my bed, on the couch, & on my kitchen counter corner! I love twerking in these. They make my booty bounce so ratchet & slutty. Oh, I should probably mention too, I've never* worn panties with these either. ;)


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