B&W Booty Shorts

  • B&W Booty Shorts
  • B&W Booty Shorts
  • B&W Booty Shorts

Age: 6 year old
Size: L
Condition: 8/10

I've had these black & white shorts for 5 years now. Their quality is still great, with the exception of the black being slightly faded out. They always shaped nicely with my ass & are very comfortable. These shorts are black all over with white outlining. I've actively worn these in my sexy time (for quickies), to bed, around the house, walking around the neighborhood, working out at the gym, jogging, & hiking in the desert. Also, I rubbed my pussy over them countless* times & grinding my clit on the kitchen counter corner in them. I love twerking in these. Moreover, I've never worn these with panties. ;)


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