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  • Converse
  • Converse

Age: 10+ years old
Size: Fits 8 or 9
Condition: 6/10

I've had these black & white Converse sneakers at least 10 years now. As in tact as they are, they are dingy, scuffed, tainted, off-white, used-up, & VERY smelly. I've actively worn them on basic walks outside, on cam shows, & cleaning up after 2 dogs. The history behind these is that they were handed down to me from my older sister. I'm not sure how long she had them prior to me, but the stench is incredibly strong between my sister & I both wearing them. I'm not sure what events she would use them or how long she had them before giving them to me, but it's evident that she wore them very often, as well as me when she gave them to me 10 years ago!