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Striped Panties

  • Striped Panties
  • Striped Panties
  • Striped Panties

Age: 8 years old
Size: S/M
Condition: 3/10

I've had these black & gray striped panties for 8 years now. Their quality is questionable... these truly have gone through a lot! They are torn & ratty, with excessive tears & holes. The holes in these are from my carelessness & excessive use in them. I've actively worn these wandering around the house, cleaning my home from top-to-bottom in them, vigorously rubbing my pussy in them, & also from humping my clit on the corner of the kitchen counter (yes, you read that right!). Their quality is shot, but the things I've done in them to make them this way is evidently very naughty. These panties are the right quality for the right freak. ;)


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